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    Having separated the young chooks into two 'brooders' I now have the onerous task of deciding the fate of 2 - Wheaten Maran, 1 - Campine, and 2 - Wyandotte roosters.
    I was brought up in the Country in the back blocks of Africa so growing food is not new to me. But decades on, with lifes many experiences, and not being reliant on, nor pursuing chook keeping for tucker I am challenged somewhat. In particular it a bit like deciding what to do with 'Cocky' that you raised and fed from an egg [​IMG]

    The pullets will be going into the waiting A frame pen this arvo........when I sort out their roosting area. Had a mouse wire floor so I could just sluice it out with a hose and move the A frame....that was BEFORE it got to 4 meters long, and so heavy I can't even lift the ends unaided[​IMG]

    Back to the roosters.......[​IMG]

    A quick search of Gumtree for the local area shows that if a person wanted to farm roosters Gumtree would be an abundant source of free stock.

    Breeders tend to send them to the farm...........
    Really it is a First World problem, millions of folks elsewhere around the globe would look at this and just shrug.
    All the locals either have their own or do the Supermarket thing...........

    Im not so sure I like this part of chook keeping
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    I worked some in Angola and Nigeria. While there are differences there are also similarities with the rural areas there and where I grew up. Disposal of those cockerels would not be an issue at all where I grew up.

    I really didn’t see any questions in your post, just comments. Whether you hatch eggs or get chicks, there is always a possibility of getting cockerels. You need to have a plan and be willing to execute that plan. That does not mean you have to execute the roosters but that may be an option.

    Good luck on finding your solution.
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    Both of those Countries would have been interesting to work in. If I had a choice today there is, in my mind a case to be made for visiting as an adult rather than being brought up in Africa. There is so much I missed and failed to appreciate, especially with regard to the people. My folks were accepting of the African, but still as a kid I simply accepted my days as 'the way it is'. My thinking is that as an adult coming to Africa from overseas one will have quite a different view of day to day stuff and especially things cultural and traditional and have a 'context' within which to 'value' the experience.

    With respect to my post, a Lament, a reflection on the fact that, it is inevitable that a solution be found in a First World environment.

    Its sad that today, in 2015 that I would even contemplate a solution, how comfortable are we that there is even a choice.

    We live on 11 acres, my partner referes to it as our piece of Paradise, and she celebrates the isolation and tranquility, savouring the raucous laughter of the many Kookaburra that call our property home.

    But the roosters have to go, their crowing and chatter through the day is an annoyance. Go figure, I can't, what is more 'natural' on a farm than chooks, and roosters and their sounds a cornerstone of rural living. But like the City neighbour, Council regulation, or Zoning Law, whats natural is skewed to a point where I no longer understand.

    Like an onion, there are so many layers to my post, THE SOLUTION was but one.

    Cheers, and thanks for responding


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