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    Nov 7, 2014
    I've searched on here and found some similar topics, but not quite what I'm looking for...

    We have a group of year old chickens, 8 hens and 1 rooster. We have another group of chickens in the same coop/run that is 6 hens and 2 roosters that are just 3 months old. The year old rooster has decided to be mean the last few weeks. He's such a good leader for his ladies though. I'm wondering if we were to remove him from the group (aka, dinner), would one of the younger roosters step up and lead the older hens? Or are the 2 younger roosters like permanently attached to their own group? I would like to still have a rooster leading each group if possible.

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    [​IMG] You know the temperament and attributes of the older rooster. If he is removed one or both of the younger roosters might prove to be human aggressive. Right now he is keeping them in check. If they were mine, I would remove (eat) the cockerels.
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    Yes, one of the younger boys will take over as the dominant rooster. However, aggressive males tend to produce more aggressive males. And it will be a few more months at least until the younger guys are up to the task of breeding the mature hens.
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    Thanks. the older rooster is not the daddy of the other roosters, so I'm hoping for better temperament out of the younger ones. I just don't want to kill him off if his hens would be leaderless then :)
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    Rooster are not much good at rooster duties until about a year old, however, they are very interested in the other aspect much earlier than that. I think I would bachelor pad the roosters, and put all the hens together for a while. When the young roosters get close to 8 months of age - then you could make a decision or keep both, and split the girls.
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    I'd bet your older cockbird is getting aggressive because of the up and coming young cockerels.
    Was he ever aggressive before?
    Is he becoming human aggressive or just more aggressive with the hens?
    When did you integrate the younger crew with the flock?

    If you like the older cockbird, try removing the 2 young cockerels from the flock (out of sight is best) for a few days and see what happens.
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