rooster suddenly died

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    I am not sure what happened. I closed up the coop last night and all was well and this morning when I opened up the coop my 3 hens came out and I found my rooster dead. Nobody had any evident signs of being sick. Eyes were clear, energetic, eating and drinking normal. The only diff I possibly noticed was the poo wasn't as solid and more of an orangy brown. I'm now worried about my 3 hens. Aside from being playful and eating/drinking good I have noticed they have all been spending more time inside the coop during the day. Its in the 50's so I know it isn't because they are freezing. They come out and play while I'm outside but they come off as lazy when I look out my window and see them casually just sitting in the coop. I clean the coop out once a week and use pine shavings as well.I've never known chickens to spend so much time in a coop for such long periods during the day. This is the first bunch I've ever witnessed doing this. I just worry that whatever was wrong with my roo may be wrong with my hens. I would hate to lose any others as I'm extremely attached to these guys.coccidiosis had crossed my mind but I have seen no blood in their poo. And like I said it was sudden. I didn't have a clue anything was amiss with them since everyone was eating, drinking and being super playful. Anything helpful would be appreciated.
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    A vet could check a collective stool sample for worms and coccidia, but it would not hurt them one bit to go ahead and start them on Corid for coccidiosis, and to also worm them with Valbazen or SafeGuard liquid goat wormer once orally and then repeat in 10 days. Sorry for your loss.
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