Rooster suddenly picking on one hen

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by CorgiHouse, Feb 13, 2011.

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    I have a question for all you experienced people rooster is acting a bit aggressive towards one particular hen, and I find it very odd. Just wondering if this is normal roo behavior or if anyone has any idea why he might have suddenly decided he doesn't like this hen!

    The roo is an EE who is about 2 years old. The hen is a SLW that is the same age. As a matter of fact, I got those two as youngsters at the same time, so they've grown up together! I also have 6 other hens and pullets in the flock. The roo has always been very good with people and sweet to his 'girls'. He watches out for them, calls them to food, and even was caring and nice to a clutch of chicks that one of the hens hatched out last summer. The SLW hen was one of his favorites until recently. She went into molt a couple months ago and stopped laying. About the same time, several young pullets started laying and he became very interested in them (of course). He started ignoring the SLW as well as another 3 year old hen that was molting as well, but they continued to be accepted as part of the flock - he just didn't pay much attention to them. Well, 2-3 weeks ago, both hens starting laying again. The last couple of days I've noticed that the roo is actively pecking at and running off the SLW hen when she gets close! It's definitely not the 'trying to breed' chase - he's keeping her away from everyone else. She can blend in with the others if she's not too close to him, but if he sees her or gets close, he chases her away. He's not hurting her and is not continuning to pick on her - he just chases her off and then returns to 'his' girls. He's fine with the other adult hen staying as part of the group.

    Does anyone have any ideas why he is treating the one hen this way?? I would think since she's laying, he would want her to be part of his flock!
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    Some roos are just dumb as a box of rocks. I had a RIR like that he just wouldn't learn. Bob cat finally got him and most of the girls seemed relieved.
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    Quote:Isn't that just like a man? Discards his first love when newer models come into the picture! [​IMG]

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