Rooster Tail Molt?


6 Years
May 17, 2014
My beautiful Rosecomb rooster's tail is slowly falling out. He loses about 2 large tail feathers a day. Not that you can really tell, he has so many, but I'm worried. Is his tail just molting? He's not losing feathers anywhere else.

Actually, I've had another older rooster who lost all his tail feathers at once and grew them back quickly, but this Rosecomb is losing them slowly. Plz help!


Free Ranging
5 Years
Jun 14, 2017
Central PA
Probably just molting. Usually, they don't look like they're losing or regrowing feathers--until birds like my poor profile picture bird seem to turn snow-white again instead of the yellow colour.

From what I understand, losing them slowly means that he's probably going to regain them quickly (a soft molt instead of a hard molt, which is where they lose them very quickly and then regrow them after a short period.)

Pretty much all you can do is make sure that he's not molting due to mites, and feed him a higher-protein feed to help him recover quickly.

Good luck!

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