Rooster takes on Dog (Labrador)

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    Feb 7, 2007
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    My 5 month old black rooster was feeling his oats and decided to take on my Labrador Retreiver. My wife was outside at the time and he started flapping his wings and decided to attack him with his nails. He must of grabbed him in his mouth and took him to the dog house, when I had got there he was cowered down and wet and I took a hold of him and brought him outside and then the hens started pecking at him. He stayed to himself that evening and was limping some on one foot, now he is eating and getting around just fine but hasn't crowed in 4 days, I guess his ego got bruised.
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  2. I have a RIR roo that runs my pitt back in the house every time they are both in the yard together.It's really funny to see a70lb pitt bull running from a probably 6lb roo. marrie

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