Rooster to give away in WI (serama) under a year old FREE

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    Hangin Wit My Peeps

    Apr 20, 2008
    Birnamwood, Wisconsin
    I need to find a good home for my Serama rooster. He's a perfect gentleman and he has been out in the big hen house with the big girls and they all loved him. He actually mated with them and they have been starting to have fertile eggs [​IMG] The only problem is one of my EE hens thinks he's something to pick on. Not in a mean way but just while they are on the roost...he seems to pic her to roost next to every time! She has almost got all his neck feathers picked out now so I had to separate him and he hates it. He's a VERY VERY friendly rooster and he was THE head rooster in the hen house over my huge cochin rooster (they were the same age) but I think it would be better to find a nice home for him. He is pet quality but he's adorable. He has a mottled chest and he has four different colors in him. If you would like to see a picture just pm me and I can send you one. What he needs is a few girls all to himself [​IMG] OH he does just fine out in our WI winter weather as long as he has girls to snuggle inbetween.
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