Rooster to Hen !!!!!! Help


Dec 1, 2015
With my chickens
We have a wellsummer four an a half months old we recently thought it was a rooster so we were days away from taking it to the auction when suddenly it must've heard us talking about that it laid an egg or so we think we have another wellsummer pullet but it is nowhere near egg laying age so what do you think ?


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That's absolutely a female.

Welsummers are easy to sex, the color is different for the genders (sexually dimorphic). Females have this pretty color, notably the reddish brown breast. Males are colored like the Kellogg's rooster, and the breast is black.
Oh no problem, and don't feel bad. They're wonderful birds, and not everyone knows the color difference thing. Same with brown Leghorns, and those ladies freak out lots of folks cause they get such big combs and wattles earlier than other breeds.

Are her eggs a darker brown? My Wellies laid a decent terra cotta, and then one was a pretty speckled....

That is a pullet. The male counter part is completely a different color scheme which is a black body with red/gold saddles, hackles, wing bows. Best thing to do is to look up the breed you have and compare the male and female counter parts before letting them go
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