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    May 23, 2011
    For those top rooster started wheezing last Friday. Isolated him immediately. He was bright eyed, no discharge, eating and drinking, just this terrible wheeze. I put electrolytes and vits in his water, rubbed VetRX on his comb and wattles, put Sulmet (antibiotic) in his water daily (i was thinking Infectious Bronchitis) and then I treated him for Gape Worm (just in case) with Ivermectin pour on on the back of his neck. The day before yesterday looked pretty grim as he stopped eating and the wheezing seemed worse. Yesterday, I hand fed him turnip greens and meal worms and he ate A LOT! Last night, I decided to syringe a little olive oil down him and this morning he's much, much better! He's crowing again, almost normally, and he's trying to peck me! The wheeze is still there but so much better than the last few days. I so hope he's on the road to recovery! I plan on keeping him in the house for at least another week if he makes it. Thanks to all those that offered advice and info

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