Rooster vs dog

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  1. ZenaW

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    May 27, 2016
    Two weeks ago my rooster got chased by a dog. He ran under our shed. When I pulled him out, he would not stand on his left leg. I separated him from the rest of the chickens. When I felt his leg and ankle, it did not feel broken. So I was thinking maybe a sprain. I separated him from the other chickens for a week. At that time he started standing up and hopping around on one foot so I put him back with the others. Its now been two weeks and he still can not stand on his foot. He is eating and drinking but I can tell he lost some weight. He will hop around to get food and water but spends most time laying down in the sun. When he does stand up, he holds his one wing higher than other. I am assuming to hold balance. Is he going to be ok? Should I be concerned with the weight loss? or the fact that it's been two weeks and he is not better yet?

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