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  1. Naughty

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Confuscious say Rooster who gets too cocky ends up in recipe from Kentucky...

    Okay - so both of my roosters have decided to be bad - first they were dumb enough to go after my 3 year old (bad idea)

    then they chased the lil dog - who is about the size of a large cat - so he was easily intimidated - i didnt worry too much -he needs a lil reality check so he wont mess with em when he's in the yard

    then they went after MY ankles - first lil rooster got a bath - dumped water on him from a pitcher i was carrying - he has since stopped - although I still dont turn my back on him... I think he may be a bantam breed or something - he's pretty small - even though he was NOT in that bin when I got him. I still really don't know what he is breed wise - see a lot of pics that look kinda like him - I'll have to post some and see what ya'll think soon

    the other one - keeps trying - big and bad - it hurts! I tried just kinda kicking him - but then he got bigger and badder (if i didnt know better - i'd think he was a drunk redneck getting bulletproof(

    then I starting using a kids plastic garden rake to nudget him away - really dont want to hurt him

    figured it out - bought a tennis racket at the DAV - and now i just boot him with it - not hard enough to hurt him but enough to keep him off my legs...

    So this lil guy appears to be a golden-laced wyandotte - anyone know if this is a mellow breed - who may be worth letting grow out of this - or if its likely to stay aggressive and I should change his name to Extra Crispy? I got them in april from TSC - so not positive exactly what age they are. My babies are mostly pets - and I don't want to keep a cocky lil brat who won't let me pet them and spoil them.

    By the way - my amberlinks from TSC - got HUGE and are the sweetest lil hens...
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    Feb 24, 2009
    Strasburg Ohio
    I have three GLW--two hens and a young rooster, and he is fine so far....if the rooster is hurting you, then you really need to just put him in his place--show him YOU are his boss.

    You can do this by going straight for him with a purpose, every time you enter the run, grab him up and hold him under your arm while you do a few things, or even hang him up-side-down. He will hate this and submit that, when you come into the picture, you are the boss.

    If you can't do that, I found a rolled up magazine taped with duct tape is a real good chicken whacker that doesn't hurt them. hehe
  3. OHhappychicks

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    May 2, 2009
    I also have a d'uccle bantam rooster that I purchased from tsc in april, that keeps coming after me! Today I made a kissing noise to my little porcelaine hens and walked away. When I had gone about 20 ft, something hit the back of my leg! It was the "head" rooster, (I have 3!!! d'uccle roos). I guess he didn't like me talking to his girls, but his time is about up! I'm trying to give them to someone, but one way or another they are going. Of the 23 chicks I bought this spring, I have 13 roosters!! Gave 4 of them away last week [​IMG]!! I just never thought having roosters would be so stressful! I have 14 hens that are 2 yrs old, and life was so peaceful before the roosters!![​IMG]
  4. Naughty

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    Apr 10, 2010
    I was hoping to keep at least one - hoping for some chicks eventually

    as for grabbing him - they are too fast. I tried something new this morning - wore thick jeans - let him try it - thought maybe he would realize im bigger and badder and he cant hurt me... figure sooner or later he'll learn that I feed him - or I will feed him to someone...

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