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Apr 28, 2008
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I live in a suburban area where there is no law forbidding my having chickens, even roosters. I have a young rooster that has only recently begun crowing and crowing and crowing... ad nauseum. I also have great neighbors whom I would hate to be bothered by my hobby of raising four chickens. I called all of my neighbors within earshot and told them that if my rooster's crowing was any problem for them to let me know, and he'd be gone immediately (I just recently gave away six of his brothers). They all told me that they were not bothered at all. I honestly sensed that some even liked the pastoral atmosphere the rooster's crowing provided. Most of my neighbors work though and had never heard the rooster.
If "high fences make good neighbors" then an insulated coop does the same thing if you have a rooster. I really think that I would have gotten different feedback if they had been awakened at 4:30 A.M. by his crowing; it would certainly upset me if I or someone else had a rooster that woke me up every morning. Luckily when I was building my coop, I purposely tried to soundproof it with good insulation even though I had to leave openings in the top for good ventilation. Sometimes when I get up early, I can just barely hear his crowing inside the coop, but I doubt that anyone else does; he's only about 50 feet from the kitchen. We never let them out of the coop before 8:30, usually later; then all hell breaks loose.
Every day the idiot takes spells of putting out long, continuous crows that make me want go out and ring his neck after a few minutes, but like I said most of my neighbors are at work then, so it'd only be a problem on weekends. I've asked the closest neighbor, and she says that she seldom notices it. So far, so good. He's really a sweet little guy, and I'd sure hate to have to lose him, but one complaint, and he's gone.
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May 24, 2007
It's great that you have such wonderful neighbors. It's even better that you are so concerned about keeping them happy.

As you are aware, even the best neighbor could get upset over time if your Rooster continues to crow so much. Maybe he'll settle down as he gets older and not crow so much? Ok, one can always hope huh?

I hope you are able to figure out something that allows you to keep the little dude and keep your neighbors happy.

Good luck.


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Aug 18, 2008
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I am in exactly the same situation, my neighbors are also wonderful, and I don't want to make them hate me. My rooster (so far) crows about 5 runs (10 crows each) in the morning hours and rarely in the afternoon/evening. I checked with my five closest neighbors, and four of them like the rooster. One is a bit grumpy about it. I moved the coop farther from her house, and told her we would rehome him if it got worse. I really, really don't want to lose this guy
, I am much more fond of him than the hens!
What did you use to insulate the coop with--do you have pics??

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