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    Oct 24, 2014
    So we have six peafowl living on our property. We also have 11 chickens and a rooster. We give them chicken feed occasionally and BOSS for snacks. Or they just come by and steal it from our chickens like today... We threw out some BOSS for our chickens and the peafowl took over the area... well our rooster didnt like that very much. He is a rhode island red and about 9 months old. One of the full grown adult peacocks and our rooster decided to start a bit of a cock fight for a lack of a better term lol I ran out there to try and separate them because im not sure our rooster could quite handle himself.... should I be concerned? The peafowl were left behind from the previous owners of the home we purchased earlier this year. We live on 6 acres and the peafowl visit our neighbors lots also so they have plenty of room to wander. I would like to keep them coming around and supplementing their food. Its really neat to have them around. But just wondering about the possible pecking order occurring here now. Obviously I would like for our rooster to survive any altercation that may occur.
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    As long as they are free ranging as it appears they are, they won't severely hurt each other. They will establish a pecking order and the lesser will keep a distance. We have over 40 free roaming peas and fifty chickens and there is never any problems.
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    Mine free range with chickens as well, i let them work it out ,roo is doing a good job by his ladies good boy,

    i used to get concerned then i found that the one i rescued from the fight wanted to fight anyhow[​IMG]only bird i protect them from now is the areal kind

    Please share some photos of your prettys, free rangers photos are a treat here[​IMG]

    Just in case i never told ya......

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