Rooster walking strange


8 Years
Dec 10, 2011
I have three bantam chickens. Late last year, I discovered that all of them had mites. They were treated with Sevin Dust and that took care of the mite problem. After the treatment, this one rooster had been lethargic with a pale comb and I thought that he may have been anemic from the mites. He was also walking with difficulty. I suspected that he also may have worms and gave him .25 ml of Valbazen with a follow-up dosage 10 days later. He was also given vitamins with iron daily to help with the anemia.

After a couple of weeks, he seemed to be doing OK and some of his strength had been coming back during December, but now it seems like he is regressing back to the way he was in November. It is difficult for him to walk and he sleeps a lot, but he has a good appetite, is drinking water, and has good color in his face and comb. I am a bit hesitant on giving him more Valbazen as I've only heard of people giving just two treatments.

Does anyone have any ideas on what he may have or what I can do?

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