Rooster walking strangely: like a penguin, dragging tail feathers

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    Dec 6, 2014
    Video of rooster in action:

    I got this rooster recently who started walking like this after about three days. The lady I got him from said he was about 10 weeks old, so that would make him about 12 weeks now. I originally tried to simply integrate him with our hens, but I think he is too young as the hens were picking on him at night in the coop, and during the day he would stay in the enclosed area underneath. After I noticed him walking strangely, the next day I went out in the morning to let them out of the coop (they're free range in our backyard and closed up at night) and noticed he had pushed himself into a corner of a nesting box, which had him in a similar posture as how he walked. I had thought that maybe he had just been sleeping like that and stiffness or something was causing the walk, so I brought him in, gave him a bath to clean his tail feathers, then kept him in my room to see if he would get better.

    Despite all my pampering and chicken physical therapy over another 3 days he is still walking like this. I see no marks/scabs on his legs/feet nor does he seem to be in pain or be uncomfortable when poke/prod or bend his legs. He isn't lethargic at all and seems very alert and talkative. Anyone might know what is going on?
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