Rooster was attacked by a dog

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    Apr 13, 2010
    We have two roos and had 4 hens ranging between 3 and 5 months. They all got along very well. The neighbor's dogs attacked, killed one hen and injured the younger rooster, a delaware. I put the injured rooster in the house in a box with straw. I've been putting antibiotic cream on his injuries. He is mostly scraped up with two cuts around his tail. One is about an inch long. He is also limping. After a 1 1/2 days inside, he seems ok so I put him in a separated section of the coop. I did not secure it well and the older rooster, a golden sex-linked, got in and started attacking him. These are my questions. Am I handling the injuries correctly. There are still feathers around the cuts, with a dog or horse I would shave the hair to prevent infection, I don't know about a chicken. Second question, will the older rooster accept the injured one again, or is my cohesive little chicken family gone forever? Thanks.
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    I would keep the injured roo away from the flock so they will not pick on him. You can either keep him isolated/in the house until he is healed up and then slowly re-introduce him to the flock or keep him where he can see/hear his flock and vice versa but seperated by wire or something so they can not peck him. Continue to treat the injuties with antibiotic ointment like you did until they start healing better. I would not let him mingle with the flock until he is healed. Any bloody/injured spots are an invitation to the other roo and hens to peck at the wound. Hope he heals fast!!!! Now the other roo may start to bully him anyway as you have 2 roos and just a few girls. But that would probably happen regardless of any injury. I don't have roos, not allowed here but I have read some posts where roos in a flock start fighting
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    Separate him from the other birds and keep putting antibiotics on him. The other rooster should accept him after awhile. If the other rooster just keeps attacking him, you should get rid of one or the other.
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    Just keep the injured one seperated until it heals.

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