Rooster was attacked by hens!!

K. Kolberg

5 Years
Aug 8, 2017
Hey, so yesterday morning, I let my chickens out just as normal. I noticed, my rooster had two terrible raw red spots, here is a pic...
he is a bantam, and I believe this all happened overnight so I wonder if the hens ganged up on him and almost pecked him to death! (The’ve never pecked him to this extent). I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM!! You notice, the spot right above his tail, they not only took the feathers out there, but up along the back.
So, here is what I’m doing, I put him that red box, and I put something on the top of it to keep him in there and protect him from the hens. Since he is a Bantom, that bin is the perfect size for him. I also put bag balm on his wounds, but I think I should put something else because that stuff is so strong it doesn’t really allow the wound to heal (I found that out on our calf, it basically melts the scabs). After he is COMPLETELY healed, I am going to let him stay with the neighbors chickens for a bit. Any advice would be much appreciated!!
A friend of ours had her bantam rooster killed by a bunch of standard hens, so the possibility is there....
As for the wound - plain Neosporin will heal the wound nicely. Make sure it doesn't have any 'painkiller' in it tho'. Good luck! :)
Do you see his feathers in the coop where they were pulled out? Is it possible he was attacked by something before you put him in the coop, but didn't notice? Wondering about the potential to have a predator in the area.

Poor guy! Sorry you have to deal with this. :(

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