rooster was in fight, now wheezing and breathing heavy

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    I recently gave away my 2 happy healthy cochin roos. They were 2nd & 3rd roos in my flock and very docile. I got a call from the person who took them and a couple days into the transition they got into a big fight, I figure they were trying to establish who was now in charge. After a few days it settled down back to normal. When the guy called me today they said they noticed that the 'loser' in the fight was now wheezing a lot and breathing heavy. He said that he has some 'battle' scars from the fight. Any idea what is now causing the breathing problems? He is bringing me back the roo tomorrow so I can see exactly what he looks like, but I am not sure what I will be able to do for him.
    Heidi Hart
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    Feb 1, 2009
    Quote:The breathing problem is cause by not cleaning his throat out when the fight was finish. Alot of bleeding and blood were stuck in the throat. Get a chicken feather, wet it in water and put it down his throat, spin the feather so that it makes contact with whatever is still stuck in there. Clean the feather in water and repeat 5 to 6 times. If you have some tylan 200. You could use it orally, put 1cc into its mouth. That should cure him in two days or less. Put some dr naylor udder balm on him to cure the cuts on his face and body parts.(Before doing this, give him a good clean with warm water)
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    Thank You! I guess I cleaned his pasty butt as a chick, so sticking a feather down his throat completes the circle.

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