Rooster! What Rooster?

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    Apr 18, 2009
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    Had our annual sub-division meeting yesterday. Our sub-division is somewhat divided. My street has 21 houses on it and we all have 1 to 2 acre lots and the rest of the sub-division all have about a 1/4 acre lots. Also my street is somewhat secluded from the rest of the sub-division by a creek and a thick row of trees. Even though we are part of the whole sub-division we often feel that we are separate and that the rules don't apply to us. A couple of the rules say that we are not allowed to have out-buildings or farm animals. I have blatantly broken those rules by building a chicken coop and having chickens. So far all of my neighbors have been completely supportive of my chickens even saying how much they enjoy hearing my Rooster crow That being said brings us to the meeting last night. After reading the minutes from the previous meeting the Board President asked for new business. The room was a bit quiet as he asked again. Then he said if no one has anything then he would start. He said that he had received a phone call complaint about a Rooster and asked if anyone knew anything about a Rooster. My neighbor buddy sitting next to me sent me a text right away asking "What Rooster". In addition to my buddy sitting next to me there were several of my other neighbors there and they all know that I have chickens but nobody said a word! He asked again if anyone knew anything about a Rooster. I was ready to pounce if they were going to try to tell me I could not have my chickens but nobody even looked back at me. All of my neighbors that were there from my street just kept looking straight ahead. The Board President then turned to the Treasurer and asked him if he ever found that Rooster? The Treasurer said that he had been unable to find the Rooster. So after asking again the Board finally decided to move on and nothing else was said!

    After the Meeting was over several of my neighbors and I were standing outside talking. They started laughing about the questioning of the Rooster....... I decided that I should pay my neighbors for their silence so I had my boys deliver fresh eggs today to the neighbor several houses up whom also represents our street in the sub-division. My boys Told me how excited and happy she was to receive these eggs. She didn't know why I was giving her eggs but that she was very grateful! As I get extra eggs I think I will continue sharing them with my neighbors.

    I have enjoyed having chickens, they bring a certain amount of peace to me while I watch them roam and scratch through the yard as well as giving me fresh eggs. What I did not count on is the enjoyment that others are getting from my chickens and eggs!

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    I had chickens in the city (row homes)......a big no no. Since it was only a few hens, they were fairly quiet. Then I got a silkie who turned out to be a roo. He had an amazingly piercingly loud crow and I got nervous about the neighbors. I told anyone that passed by and saw him that he was an exotic African ground parrot.

    One day I went to work, leaving the chickens in the pen in the garage because there was snow on the ground. A man with a clipboard showed up at one of my neighbors' house asking what it was in my garage making all that noise. The neighbor told him it was an exotic African ground parrot even though she knew it was a chicken!
    The man never came back, After she told me about the incident she said how much everyone in the neighborhood enjoyed watching the birds and that the crowing was "cute".

    Always nice to know there are good people out there!
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    Free eggs! Works every time! [​IMG]
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    Both those stories are great!

    African ground parrot!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Nice people! I love those stories!
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    Quote:I have a big rooster and 4 hen.I don't have problem with them.
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    that's awesome and you have very cool neighbors. if you don't already though I would take the Roo in or keep him in the coop part until after 9-10 am just so who ever did complain does not get po'd and start looking for the source themselves.

    I am a chicken outlaw and it is great having good neighbors [​IMG]

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    Oct 22, 2009
    Hi. I have a big rooster and 4 hen.I don't have problem with them
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    Quote:Good for you! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Love it, love it, absolutely love it! [​IMG]

    Always nice to know there are good people out there!


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