Rooster with a limp

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    Spot is my Mottled Cochin rooster. We've checked his feet, no bumble foot, no slipped tendon and no punctures. None of his feet feathers are crumpled or broken. I lost his hen in March to what we concluded was Marek's. He just started today according to my mom. No roost to fall off of and no wire...

    Any ideas on how to rule in or out? How fast do symptoms occur. He's in a rabbit hutch now isolated. He's my baby, dances for me. He pecked me today for the first time. Normally he flies up onto my shoulder but he wouldn't even come to me with cantaloupe in my hand. With Fleck she would walk in circles trying to stay balanced. I really hope its not... Any advice.

    he's also skinnier than his hens. I noticed that when holding him.
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