rooster with a sore throat, slight runny nose


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May 21, 2009
Texas Hill Country!
I have a nankin rooster who is about 2 years old. I noticed his crow sounded funny so I brought him in for closer examination. I rubbed his throat with a q-tip and it came out clean. Not sure what else to to I swabbed his throat and nose with vet-rx and kept him indoors over night with a couple of drops of vet-rx in his water. He lives with another rooster so I was afraid to keep him separate for to long so I put him back. His crowing has seemed to improve some but I have brought him in again. I listened to his lungs and they sound clear but he has a slight almost not noticeable runny nose and if I turn him on his back he makes gurgling sounds. I am not sure what to do at this point. If is is gape worm wouldn't there be something on the q-tip? In the mean time I will treat him again with vet-rx. His poop is normal. Seems to be eating and drinking fine.

I have a what seems to be separate issue with a pullet (nankin also) my son brought her in last night with an eye she wouldn't/couldn't open. I used some lubricating eye drops and got it open. A little bit of oozie stuff came out I rinsed it with saline and a small clump of mucus came out and I put more lubricating eye drops. She doesn't have any other symptoms that the one eye and it's looking much better today. I am assuming that she just got some dirt in her eye from dust bathing, I read somewhere on here than can be a problem sometimes.

Thanks for reading!!!

any advice is appreciated!!

we lost two chickens on Sunday due to the horribly high heat not having luck with them lately!

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