Rooster with bumblefoot and mites?

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    I'm thanking you all in advance. I've got a roo with bumblefoot i know now. I thought it was scale mites at first, but a friend put me on to bumblefoot. The other problem is that right where the leg scales meet the flesh of the leg he is just eat up with redness. Thought it was part of the scale mites before, but tonite when i checked for the black dot for bumblefoot, his skin where the leg meets scale is just raw. Almost like raw hamburger. Not sure to think if it's part of secondary infection due to bumblefoot, or has scale mites too. Would a chicken peck themselves that badly to relieve mite itch? Am not sure that i should put seven dust on the raw looking meat or something like neosporin. Any pointers? Thanks again.
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    He probably has both. If his leg is that bad you should find a separated place for him to have some time alone with his infection.

    The bumble foot may being causing this but it sounds more like he does have scaly leg mites. And yes don't put any neosporin on it but if you can, hold a damp paper towel around his leg for a few minutes than you can put some coocoonut oil on his leg and wrap it up with gauze bandage. Again keep him inside or else he may get poop or dirt into his irritation on his leg. He probably did itch his leg so much that it made him raw. I hope this helps! :)

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