Rooster with pale comb

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    I have a 2 year old Japanese rooster I aquired in mid november. He has been kept inside, slightly heated (was able to maintain 40-50 during recent cold snap. He is with two hens on pine shavings. He acts fine, tail carriage erect, protective of his hens, alert, normal appearing in every way except I noticed the other day his comb is very, very pale. I don't know how long it has been that way or how long it took to get that way, I just noticed it. No trauma, no injury. All feces I have found looks normal, although they stir it up pretty well. They get layer pellets, with some 30 percent game bird feed. My knee jerk reaction is to start with worming with wazine and go from there, but the man I got him from said all his birds got ivomec injectable 1 drop in the mouth every three months. I find it hard to believe that he could have gotten that severe of an infestation in such a short period.

    I will be isolating on paper towels until I get a good poop to look at, will carry it to vet for fecal. What other supportive measures do you suggest or anything else that I should be looking for with this pale comb?
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    On reading this, I would say worms too. From my experience, though, disregard everything you were told about the roo. Alot of ppl lie. Or maybe the roo has worms that are not killed off by ivermectin. I would isolate, as you said, and inspect his poos, but in the long run, I would probably end up worming.

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