Rooster with twisted neck


10 Years
May 26, 2009
I have a barred rock rooster, neary a year old, that a couple of weeks ago started walking around with his head/neck twisted to one side. He does it first thing in the morning when I go out to the chickenhouse to feed them, then after a little bit, he'll straighten up and look like all the others. Any idea what's causing this? Is it something to be concerned about? He does appear to have a slight tilt off and on throughout the day, but generally his head/neck seem to be fine once he "warms up".
I guess it could be that...hadn't thought about it. That would explain why it seems to get better after a little while. Have you actually seen this before ("crick" from sleeping)?
There are a couple of nutritional deficiencies that can cause neck issues, does he have a really good diet without too many treats? Is their food fresh? Also poisoning could cause a symptom like that--any possibility he could have gotten into something bad for him? Do they free range?
They do free range. I give them some feed early in the morning and again right before dark. I'm begining to believe it's the way he sleeps, as he appears fine the rest of the day.

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