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    So my polish rooster, AJ's right eye looks slightly puffy, and has a clear liquid coming from its inner corner that is bubbly/foamy. He is also holding his eye partially shut. I would take a picture, but he is acting aggressive right now (probably because his eye hurts), so I am having difficulty taking a picture of his eye. I was wondering if this sounds like some sort of respitory disease— even though it's only in one eye, and he is having no difficulty breathing— and if so, how would I treat it. He has also been fighting with my other rooster recently, so I am wondering if this just sounds like he cut his eye.
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    It really sounds as if he has a pecking injury to his eye from fighting. Try applying some ophthalmic ointment (medicated if possible) to the eye.
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    Okay, I got my dad to help me take a picture of him. His eye seems sunk in compared to the other, and its kinda hard to see, but he has liquid around his eye.[​IMG]

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