Rooster won't come out of the coop???


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May 26, 2007
We got a second Roo, but before we let him go free with the others, we kept him in a cage for a week so the flock and himself can see one another.
Noone seemed to bother the other. They all just went on with their business. The first day we let him free, there was minimal....very minimal bickering amongst them and not even with the other Roo! Most of the tiff's were with the hens.
He had it out (barely) with the roo as well but all in all.....I thought it went well. You could tell he (New Roo) was still a bit spooked at the flock, but never acting like he was distressed about it. He ate, drank, scratched and pecked that day. The next day.......he never came out of the coop and he to my knowledge..has been there ever since.
The girls go in and out of the hen house all day long. Noone seems to care that the roo is in the coop roosting. No comotion, no tiffs, They (including the other roo) all go to sleep together at night and didn't mind........but then girls did roost with the hawk and didn't seem to mind that either

Anyway, in the AM.....all come back out except the Roo!

Last night, I went in the coop held a bowl of water to his face but didn't take any. And tonight I tried to entice him with spagetti......he didn't bite.

There is food in the coop, but no water. He still jumps from roost to roost and crows throughout the day. Lookin at him he does not seem to be in distress of any kind. Kindof just sittin there like he's on vacation!!!

Should I just shove him out of there or just let good and quiet things be?????

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Jan 25, 2007
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Probably still figuring things out. If you have a run so he can't get lost outside, I say kick him out and see where he goes. Maybe he and the other roo had a fight when you weren't looking so he's afraid to come out.

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