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Jun 14, 2017
IMG_1153.JPG IMG_1156.JPG IMG_1157.JPG IMG_1152.JPG these austalorp chicks are about 3-4 weeks old, they are all sexed as hens but we have a sneaking suspicion one may be roo. I'm no good at this so I was hoping for some more experienced opinions. (Note the pictures are of 2 different chicks)


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Apr 29, 2017
I've asked about one of these birds awhile ago in another thread, but I wanted to Check in now that they're older. They're about 10 1/2 weeks old and there's only two I'm unsure of.

This is "Cleo" or maybe "Leo" if she turns out to be a he. She feathered out rather quickly as a chick and doesn't seem to have any pointed saddle feathers developing anywhere. "She" hasn't started crowing yet like my for sure cockerel and they hatched at the same time. "She" also picks fights with the roo sometimes but also picks at the other hens when she wants them to do something.


This one has no name. Feathered quickly as a chick. It was about to run in this picture so the posture is a bit funny. This one doesn't really argue with anyone and is pretty paid back. Also no crowing and not showing any sign of saddle feathers.

THIS is "hei hei" my kids named him after the rooster in moana haha. He crows morning noon and night and has distinctly pointed saddle feathers developing and feathered very slowly as a chick. Bare wing bows and slow tail development as I've read is typical.

Is there a chance my other two are girls? I won't be upset either way but hoping for more girls

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