Roosters-2 Black Copper Marans & 1 Olandsk Dwarf


Jul 1, 2015
North Carolina
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My Coop
Looking to re-home 2 black copper maran roosters. These boys are 16 weeks and 2 days. They are super sweet and have a good disposition, I just have too many roosters and need more room for a few hens. I also have an olandsk dwarf rooster that is 16 weeks and 2 days as well. I do not have any pictures of him yet, but I will soon. He is very vocal and is starting to try and crow. All boys are handled every day and they also love their grubs! I cannot ship them unfortunately, so I will be looking for people of local pickup only. I am in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Please message for more info if interested. Thanks you guys!
First four is one rooster and the last 4 is the second rooster. The first one has a blue tag and the second one has a pink tag


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