Roosters and Cockerels available


7 Years
Nov 14, 2012
East Bay, CA
I have a few handsome guys left and they need to find a flock of their own or be sent for processing.

We have:

Rust/Blue Bantam cochin - 10 months old, hatched from Sierra View eggs.
Chocolate Bantam Orpington - 5 months old, hatched from Buzzard Air (Bill Vaughn) eggs, 100% british lines. Very lovely little guys.
LF Dutch Barnevelder - 5 months old, hatched from eggs won through a Northwest Serama Fanciers fund raiser auction, anonymous donor from closed lines. Picture provided by the anonymous donor of the DBV eggs.

I am only asking $10 per bird plus shipping and $10 box charge (brand new Horizon bird box). I can ship anywhere depending on your state's allowances and the weather. Please PM me for details, to request more pictures, or to purchase.


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