Roosters and eggs do they mix?

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Roos Or not

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  1. No I would never have roos with my laying hens.

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  2. Yes I would have roos with my laying hens

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  3. Yes I highly recommend having roos with my laying hens

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  1. hatcherkid777

    hatcherkid777 In the Brooder

    Apr 19, 2013
    Hi guys i need some help ASAP i have a free range flock and need to know if i can sell eggs with two roosters living with the hens ty[​IMG]
  2. krackowpolish

    krackowpolish Chirping

    Aug 7, 2012
    of coarse! just as long as there are no embryos.[​IMG]
  3. hatcherkid777

    hatcherkid777 In the Brooder

    Apr 19, 2013
    if you collect your eggs every day will there be i problem with fertilization
  4. gryeyes

    gryeyes Covered in Pet Hair & Feathers

    Continue to gather eggs regularly and you will never have chicks (or embryos).

    I wouldn't be happy with a flock without roosters.
  5. hatcherkid777

    hatcherkid777 In the Brooder

    Apr 19, 2013
    ok one last question i am going to be selling to a store still ok?
  6. gryeyes

    gryeyes Covered in Pet Hair & Feathers

    I don't think anybody but the store or your local government can really answer that for you....

    You may have to disclose they are fertile eggs, or maybe not - that is totally up to what governs eggs sales to commercial establishments for resale in your area.

    However, if you gather your eggs daily, the only people who would be able to tell they are fertile are knowledgeable chicken keepers who know what to look for when the eggs are cracked open and laying in front of 'em. There's a small white "bulls-eye" on the yolk when the egg has been fertilized and it's not always easy to see.
  7. Lots A Cluckin

    Lots A Cluckin Songster

    Feb 28, 2012
    It is completely ok to eat and sale fertile eggs or eggs form hens that have been around roosters. The eggs taste and look the same and unless someone knows what they are looking for (the little bullseye in the middle of the yolk) they wont know the difference between a fertile VS. non-fertile egg. Just be sure to collect eggs at least once per day just in case one of your hens decides to gather eggs up and sit on them if you collect them every day they wont have time to start developing into a chick.
  8. aggiemae

    aggiemae Songster

    Mar 18, 2012
    Salem Oregon
    Our store charges more for fertile organic eggs
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  9. Chickery Chick

    Chickery Chick Chirping

    Jul 27, 2013
    I've never had a problem with roosters and laying hens. Like they said, just gather them everyday and no biggy. If someone has a problem with the bull's eye on some, well then maybe they should go to Wal-Mart for their eggs. Your eggs are as organic as it gets and proof of it. Like Flyeye said, a flock is no fun without a rooster crowing and making the collection complete.
  10. It's better to have a rooster with your laying hens. He will not only protect them, but show them where the best food and water are. Also i've heard may instance that if you don't have a rooster your dominate hen will stop laying and pick up behaviors of a rooster i.e. crowing. Just collect regularly and often.

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