Roosters are "getting" my hens, how long till babies?


11 Years
Feb 13, 2008
Vermont, USA
I've watched the roosters going nutso in the barn with their hens. How soon will their eggs be fertile, specially since they don't seem to be laying right now, not regularly at least. I'm told by a hatchery that it's every egg for the next 7 days, once the roosters gets to them. What is it really?
oh, and if they are NOT laying right now, shouldn't they start after being bred? and how long before they start laying again? nobody appears to be molting either.
Nope, last egg didn't hatch, i cracked it open and it had stopped growing about 10-12 days, near as i can figure. When my stop growing, they are always at that exact same stage, every single one of them. Wonder what's up with that.
Hmmmm I dont know. I think you will much more enjoy how easy it is to let your hens hatch some for you. I think they have better luck doing it the natural way. I have seen where people do hatches to compare, and the hen wins every time. I hatched 7 of 7 ee bantams 2 weeks ago with a hen. Then you dont have to have the dust in the house.
What kind of incubator are you using? Also it is possible that there is a genetic reason your eggs do not come to hatch. I believe speckledhen has a hen that lays fertile eggs but has never had a hatch from those eggs.
I have 2 little giants. The eggs I hatched at first that stopped at 10-12 days, were in incubator #1 and then in incubator #2 that i bought for this last hatch did the same thing. I don't know if it's the incubator, but temps are perfect and eggs are from some of my silkies and some i've orderd. So genetics probably doesn't play a part. I posted a pic of one of the dead ones in a dish in one of my posts about incubating and hatching. You can look at it and tell me what you think? Maybe it's not 2 weeks old.
Yes, Prissy, that one actually was before the 2 week period. If it happens again, I'll photo those as well. I just use dishsoap and rinse well. The last eggs that died, were in brand new bator. My temp never fluctuate either. I have never had one die during hatch, just way before. All those that are born, do great. I even had a little one (cuckoo marans) arrive on day 19 rather unexpectedly. He is a way little pip squeak but mellow as ever and very active.

The one i cracked this morning on day 23 was the size of a quarter in the shell, with the same sort of other stuff, yolk, blood and stuff. Thanks for any insight as I would really like to get to the bottom of this. I have the still air and no turner. I make sure i arrange the eggs each day so they aren't in the same spot in the bator. I turn them at least 4 times a day.

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