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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by taprock, Nov 25, 2010.

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    I am in the process of getting rid of 3 roosters. Two I have no attachment to, one is a beautiful golden bearded polish who has been named. My brother is going to take and process them next week if they don't have homes. Well the named one Duke has this week been tearing up the coop and picking on everyone, pulling feather etc. So today I put him in the basement in a crate to keep things calm. Duke would try to fly out and do this crying noise I have never heard a chicken make. Just pathetic! So I ended up petting him and calming him Down but when I leave he starts crying again. He's a bully in the coop but has me feeling bad for him now. I just wish I could find him a home then I wouldn't feel so sorry for him. Maybe just a Little soft for my birds.
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    Jan 7, 2009
    What state do you live in. Someone here on the board might want him. Just a thought.
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    Quote:I know what you mean these crazy chickens can give you a change of heart.Back in the summer I had some French Marans and one NHR day old chicks.After I brooded them they were in 2 small pens.I couldn't keep all the French Marans so I offered some for sale.I decided to put what I was going to keep in one pen.To make the numbers even I put the NHR red in the sale pen of the French Marans.Right away her hackles raised and she wanted to fight.I told her right quick no way.You will not fight these Marans that I so worshiped.I'll fix you.When it got dark I got her any put her with my layers on a different roost.That was one thing I had read as a way to put a different one in your flock.For 2 days all was fine.The third day when I went to care for that flock my NHR was in the coop.I was talking to her and picked her up.OH No those older ones had about taken the back of her head off.I had a fit.Now I was So Sorry for her.I used an old rabbit cage as a make shift hospital.I doctored her very bad wound and felt so bad for her.The cage was small and she got so tame and would talk to me every time she heard me go into the basement.Now Ive got a true pet.It took a long time for her to heal and get her feathers back but she is so worth it and what a little laying machine!
    Yes these chickens will get your heart.Hope you get it worked out.
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    I'm in Michigan. I have tried Craigs list, our local 4-H, homeschool groups and friends. I have managed to get rid of 3 but still have 3 to go. I'm keeping 3 if they can manage to get along.

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