Roosters, Barred Rock and Cochin

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    Too many Roosters!! We have one Barred Rock and one Blue Cochin. They are both almost a year old. They are FREE! They have to go now!

    The Cochin is beautiful and calm and needs his own flock. He's never been agressive. I think even our bantam rooster bullies him, he's so sweet. He was bought from a breeder in Manvel. He's too big for some of my hens and he was supposed to be a hen!

    The Barred Rock has suddenly become agressive and we have children who spend a lot of time with them (atleast they did before we had a cold winter). He used to put his head in my son's lap every time he was in the chicken tractor. Maybe he's stressed living with 2 other roosters and only 8 hens. He is very protective of the hen's and is amazing to watch. He always calls them to eat and NEVER eats first. He is constantly on guard. This rooster will not let anything get your hens! When he was 4 months old he scared off a big dog. We were so proud of him. Well, recently even attacked my son who goes in the tractor to feed them every day.

    These are our pets and I'd rather them not get eaten but.....

    It will be so hard to see them go [​IMG] I'll post a pick of the barred rock when I have time to find one.


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