11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
So at what age does a rooster become less of a breeder? I have two roosters who are 4 years old and since they have been 7 months old I have gotten fertile eggs from their hens. I am just wondering when I should start getting some new roo's to replace them.

ALSO I was wondering this...In colder weather and less light days hens quick laying or slow their laying. Does a roo quit breeding? Does him mounting his hens and fertilizing their eggs less?
My roosters slow down on mating in the winter. My hens slow down on egg laying too. A few of my older hens stop laying in the winter, but they start again when spring arrives.
I don't know how long roosters are fertile but I have two that are 6 years old and they still mount the hens.

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