Roosters & Chickens Available


11 Years
Dec 8, 2008
Waco, Texas
This was posted on another site I'm on so thought I'd put it here to help find them homes..

A friend has too many roosters and hens. His contact info and details are below:
I've got way too many chickens. I've got all these roosters that are nearly a year old that need to be elsewhere, be it with some hens or in the dumpling pot. I've got about a dozen of them, 2 older roosters, and six or eight hens I'm going to get rid of. If either of you want any of them and/or know others that want them, please let me know. They are going, one way or another, real quick!

Tell anyone and everyone, I don't mind. Email me would be best at [email protected]. Or they can call me here or at 979-242-3411. My cell is down right now, but by the end of the week it should be back up. It's 979-702-1077. When it's working, that is the absolute best way to get me.

These are birds I raised. I got the eggs from a friend a few years ago and incubated them and then kept eggs from that batch last May and incubated those. They have a lot of game or some red breed in them, like Rhode Island reds. They lay brown eggs. There is a hint of white in some of them and one of the roosters is almost all white. Big birds, especially the roosters

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