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    Jan 28, 2008
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    Do Roosters Crow very loud/a lot?

    I should be getting chickens soon but I don't know what gender
    I plan on 4-6 but i don't know the best number of chickens to get.
    Oh and whats a good type of chickens for winter and doicle birds
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    Orpingtons are fat and hearty. Good layers. Tolerate the cold well.

    1 rooster to a flock. More than one roo and you need different pens to house them in.

    Yes, roosters can be loud. You will find that each roo has a distinct 'voice'. They do not crow non-stop. They do crow periodically throughout the day. Mine start in just after 5am sounding the alarm then quiet down.

    If you think you can get several roosters and have them live together you are going to be very disappointed. As they begin to mature they will start to fight. The fighting can be bloody and end in death. They cannot live together like hens.
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