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    Jun 17, 2011
    So one of my rooster's eye won't open. He is about 4-7 weeks old. He's a healthy rooster, just beginning to molt, he eats, drinks, and poops healthy.
    Yesterday, I went to go check on them before i went to sleep. they were all cuddled up sleeping. But today, in the morning, one of his eyes won't open... I don't know if he lost an eye, or what. .. it doesn't seem to be crusting, or swollen or anything, it also doesn't seem to be bothering him. but when i tried to open it i don't know if he shut them really tight, or something has sealed the two lids together, cuz it wouldn't open. Should I be worried? or should i leave it alone???? PLEASE HELP
    Thanks so much for the replies!
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    I would warm compress it with a wet washcloth and then see if he will open it then. If the eyelid or eye looks inflamed or infected, put Terramiyicin eye ointment in it.

    Once you get his eye open you can better assess the situation.

    Best of luck!
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