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    Aug 27, 2016
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    My rooster (Copper Maran) seems to favor one hen (Golden Comet) in particular. He still "services" the other girls but always goes back to the one to "hang with". Recently she's gone broody, and I'm allowing her to hatch some babies for me. [​IMG] So, needless to say she spends most of her time in her nest. I noticed this evening, when everyone is going to bed, that he laid down in front of her nest and purred at her for quite a while. Is it possible for a rooster to have a favorite? This hen seems the most dominant of all the hens. She puffs herself up and even goes after my dogs if they get too close to the rest of the flock.
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    Jul 26, 2016
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    Yes, I've read on here many times of a favorite hen. Hence (the chicken saddle).
    What I find amazing is a broody Golden Comet, the first I've heard of. GC
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    That is so precious! But I have never heard of a broody comet!
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    Oh absolutely, roosters can have favorites. I have a flock of a couple dozen, and my young rooster has a close bond with one of the much older EE hens. It goes beyond mating. The two are usually found together out free ranging and they often sleep side by side on the perch.

    Currently, this rooster has taken a strong liking to one of my eight-year old Wyandotte hens. He's been in the nest with her each day she's been in it this week. It appears he's encouraging her to lay her first egg of the new season. Today she came through with a perfect egg.

    I've seen my share of very tender hen/rooster bonds.
  5. jmkruegerfarm

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    Aug 27, 2016
    Redford, Missouri
    I thought unusual as well. They're not known for that. She's the only one out of my flock of 12.

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