Roosters fighting and a bloody mess


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Mar 10, 2012
Two of the three roosters that are being culled next weekend are fighting pretty badly. One is a Welsummer and the other is a Wyandotte. The wyandotte gave up but the welsummer kept coming no matter how much and how hard I sprayed him with the hose (he looked like a drowned cat before I gave up) and now my wyandottes comb is a bloody mess.

The welsummer is going in the cage tonight for an earlier cull date but even after those three are culled, I'm worried I'll have another bad fight. What else can I do to break them up/prevent the fights? We have 32 girls and after the culling we'll have three other roos.


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Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
I would probably cull one more, after watching them enough to try to determine who is the gentlest. I've had two get along well enough to live together for some months. They squabble, and one is clearly dominant, but it didn't get bloody. If it's any help, I think they are much less likely to fight when there aren't any hens in sight, at least for most breeds.

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