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    Sep 26, 2008
    I have 10 roosters, and 15 hens. A few weeks ago, one of my Japanese bantams had a bloody neck and comb when I closed the coop, that next morning she was dead. (rooster). This morning when I went to open the coop, another Japanese Bantam has a bloody neck!!! I could not get him, so I will have to tonight and put him on the porch- what should I do? I do have 3-4 aracuanas that are aggressive and do a little fighting dance, puffed up feahters, etc. One in particular, went at my boyfrineds ankle, my sister, but not me? Should I seperate the group somehow, if so, what ratio of hens/roosters?
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    [​IMG] You have WAY too many roos in the same pen! I keep only 12 birds per pen at most and only 2 of those roos!
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    You have far too many roosters. Agression will only increase.

    1 roosters per 10 - 12 hens is about the maximum ratio.

    If you keep 2 roosters make 2 pens of 7 - 8 birds.

    If you keep 3 roosters make 3 pens of 5.

    You really need to cull and pen up some chickens. Those roosters will brutally over mate your hens and even leave them ragged and in extremely poor health.

    Think about it this way - would you want to be repeatedly mated all day by 10 different roosters??

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