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    I have 2 roosters, one is a Brahma 8 month old the other is a bantam/game 11 month old, they have been together in the same coop and free ranging since we got the brahma late winter. The game/bantam has always been able to run off the brahma if he went after the g/b girls, that is till yesterday. they got into a fight yesterday which didn't amount to much with the brahma running off, but today they got into it 3 times and did draw blood mostly on their combs nothing serious. We also have 12 pullets about 3 months now who have not chosen either roo mostly stay away from the grownups. What should I do let them figure out whos the dominant roo, or will they really end up with one really hurt? I did move the brahma and his h en to another coop for tonight till I hear what is the best solution. They both have very good dispositions around me it's just each other they are having a problem with. The brahma is quiet a bit larger than the Game/bantam and I saw today the g/b looked like he was submitting does that happen? I would really like to keep both they all free range during the day. Thanks
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    They are just establishing who is dominant now that the brahma is older. Once that is decided then things should quiet down. The bantam will probably loose his girls though. I saw the same thing happen with our flock.

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