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    I have two Light Brahma Roosters that I hand raised and they are great with me come running to me climb up on me but with my nieces and nephew and my mom they get a little aggressive and have flopped at them couple times kids are 6 and 7 and roosters are 13 and 15 lbs so I am trying to keep them apart till they maybe calm down as they are 9 months old and full of ps and vinegar. Is there anything other than keeping them locked up when kids are outside to teach them to get along? My mom started carrying a water bottle to spray them and that seems to be working for her but I am afraid they might take that as aggression from the kids.
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    The kids and the roosters do not understand each other. The kids are too young to be around roosters that size. Even a hen can put a hurt on the kids. If the kids and chickens were not raised together, i would keep chickens penned when kids come over. you'll have to teach mom how to be around a roo. If he keeps charging your guests, he may be permanently penned or re homed or dinner.
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