Roosters for sale in Tyler, Texas. PU only, Zip is 75771.

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    Jan 8, 2010
    East Texas
    I hatched a few to many roosters and some need to go.

    For local pick up only. Zip is 75771.

    All are LF. The breeds are 4 Barnevelder, 2 straight combed EEs (one is bearded), 1 straight combed/clean legged/non-bearded Olive Egger and 2 Black copper Marans (one is feather legged).

    For breeder quality I have 1 Splash Orpington and 1 Blue Orpington.

    One of the EEs and 3 of the Barnevelders are low roos on the pole, so they are abit bald on the butt right now.

    All were hatched in June-July of 2010

    All have had their Marek's vaccination. All are healthy and recently dewormed.

    These are not for eatting! They are easy to catch, sit on your lap and mug you for a treats Roos. They would be good for someone looking to add something different to their non-show flock, have a colorful lap chicken or add some darker egg color in their next pullets.

    Price is $10.00 per Rooster, just PM me.
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