Rooster's going to sue me for malpractice- HELP ME w/ bumblefoot surg!

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    Jul 20, 2010
    Complete newbie to chickens...

    I have a year old light brahma rooster that I got about a month or so ago...and after doing some reading, realized he had bumblefoot on both feet. He has a large-ish (big marble size) lump on the bottom of both feet, both with black spots/scabs maybe nickle sized. He wasn't limping, but they looked bad...and after reading the tutorial, I figure 'Hey, I've Dr'd horses and all kinds of stuff, so how hard can THIS be?' I'm an idiot... lol

    So I peeled/cut off the scabs (after soaking) and and dug and prodded and squeezed and massaged.... rinse and repeat for AWHILE NOW...and now I have big marble sized lumps with bloody spots, but can't really find any plug or cheesy material really. One foot had some thin white stringy stuff I tried to work out... one foot did squeeze out a VERY small dab of a harder cheezy material, followed by the thin white stringy stuff....but really, all I have now is fleshy bloody spots on the lumps... nothing that looks like the bumblefoot surgery pictures I found on here. [​IMG]

    Am I not digging enough? Cutting enough? Is there not a plug? WHAT do I do now?
    Currently, the rooster is sitting in a very warm epsom salt soak in my bathtub... he's contemplating a malpractice suit, I'm sure...and really hates me now.
    After a good soak, I'm going to poke around some more... but then, I'm calling it quits, wrapping the feet up with neosporin, and letting my attorney know I'll be needing his services soon...


    One of the brahma hens has a spot on her foot, too...but I don't need two plaintiffs....
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    When I did bumblefoot surgery on my Easter Egger last summer, I had to go way further into her foot than I expected to get to the plug. Maybe you have to go deeper. I seriously thought I was gonna come out the other side, and then I finally got to the infection.
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    Generally, I wont mess with it unless they are limping or their footpad looks pinkish/reddish or swollen in comparison to the other footpad. Or if both look like that, I'll do surgery. There's been times I've done surgery only showing the black round scab and no infection is present at all, including soaking squeezing repeat etc ad infinitum....grrrr...nothing there and all that work for nothing. I've done alot of bumblefoot surgeries and have had no repeats so far, been lucky. However in your case, there shouldnt be any marble size lumps. the bumble must still be in there deep. You'll need to do your best and dig it out, massaging and squeezing. Someone mentioned using regular sugar and betadine mixture to make a paste and put it on the bottom of the foot, in the hole, then wrapping it up with gauze etc... the paste is supposed to draw out the infection more effectively. I'm going to try it next time myself when one of them has bumblefoot.
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    Quote:Is the swollen part on the top of the foot? If it is go in through the top of the foot and i bet the stuff can be squeezed out. I had to do that to one of my hens last year. That stuff is unbelievable. Just a trace amount and the infection starts all over and swells up again until you can get it ALL out.

    Poor guy, but you are only doing this to help you and any judge can see that and if they can't they are blind. lol.... just kidding I love the judges.
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    Jan 27, 2007
    What will happen with a lot of these guys is that the infection is localized and the `scabs' are more like calluses. If they jump down from a high roost or otherwise spread the bacteria into a healthy area the entire foot will swell up (as has been mentioned red/yellowish eruptions on top of foot, red lines running up leg (cellulitis-like sign), limping. Just keep the feet clean and bandaged/plain neosporin/debrisan in open area and change every two-three days until healed. If there is swelling/discoloration then either penG or a script of Cephalexin can be helpful.

    Our guy took the thorn of an Osage Orange sapling through the top and out the bottom of foot. We cleaned and wrapped but it became infected and we soaked/dressed/medicated the guy for a month. He still has a flat black scab on the bottom of that foot, but no other signs or symptoms.

    Give your guy some grapes after you soak and wrap (better than a big money settlement).

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