Roosters had a fight.. should I be doing more? Pics :(

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    I FINALLY found a home for my two extra buff cockerels (not roos yet)... they've lived together since birth.. and are about 6 months old.

    I checked on them last night before bed, because it's so cold here and they were fine. When I went out this morning, running late of course, to put them in a crate for transport... I found one like this:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I was in shock for a moment, then the smell of blood started to get to me and as I looked around the coop there was blood EVERYWHERE all over the walls, the floor, the door etc... he was bleeding profusely from the back of his comb... it's starting to slow down now I think...

    He's in his own clean crate now on the porch.. his brother left for their new home without him. I dont' know if he'll ever be able to go at this point, but I'm hoping a few weeks of R&R will help.

    Alone in a large crate
    Vitamin Water
    Clean Fresh Bedding
    Fresh Food

    that's all I'm doing, I'm just waiting for the bleeding to stop. He's upright and shaking off blood as he can... other than the horror film costume he's wearing, he seems fine... but the blood at the back of his comb is ALOT...

    I've slaughtered some of these guys in the past.. I'm telling you he must've lost a GOOD portion of his total body volume.
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    That's terrible! I hope he gets better soon. Give him some scrambled egg too for extra protein. Can you put some Neosporin on his comb? (the one without pain reliever)
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    Feb 10, 2009
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    Was he fighting with his brother in the cage or another roo outside his pen?
  4. DawnSuiter

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    He fought with his brother in their COOP.. 63sf down & 20sf 'upstairs' as 'sorta' pictured in the first photo

    here's a pic of their coop before winterizing:

    PLENTY of room and even has a couple of driftwood obstacles to aid with this sort of thing... it's such a bummer.

    I'm mostly concerned that after at least 2 hours of being seperated and in his own large dog crate, the bleeding continues
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    Dawn, that`s not bad at all. Just put a little antibiotic on it like needmore suggested and let him heal. Those two may never get along. You should see some that I`ve raised. Their heads looked like mushy strawberries at first, then like they had been dipped in tar after the scabbing. He looks like a quick heal. Regular cooking flour applied to the wound will stop the blood. Sometimes I apply a fluffy butt feather before the flour. Try to keep him alone for a while even after the blood stops.
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  6. hooksetz

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    The brother sounds like the mean one, I think you made out by getting rid of him.
  7. DawnSuiter

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    Quote:not too bad = reassuring
    looks like a quick heal = uplifting
    image of strawberry mush head = gross [​IMG]

    thank you.. good to know. this is our worst injury yet...

    I can stop running up to his cage asking him if he's still alive... sounds like he'll be fine with a little extra TLC.

    hooksetz - thing is.. yesterday they were both sweet... friendly.. I guess he couldn't take ONE MORE DAY with this guy... don't worry, this guy got in a few licks too.. but nothing comparatively.
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