Roosters hurting hens/ and other roosters.

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    Jun 9, 2013
    I have a flock of mostly brahmas with the addition of a couple others. I have 4 large brahma roosters whom have for the better part of there life of a year almost now have gotten along great! But he last few weeks I have noticed more aggression towards each other and aggressively competing to mate with the same hens. They have a few favorite hens that they have ripped all there feathers out of there poor little heads and this week 3 of them started ganging up one the smaller of the 4 roosters. He got injured a little not too bad but a little bloody on his comb..... He now is pretty timid and shoves himself into the corner to stay out of there way because he is now a target. I just noticed tonight that my favorite hen whom happens to be one of there favorites and the smallest of my hens has a gash on her head! I'm not sure how deep but I see blood in there. It not flowing out. I'm pretty distressed over it! I'm afraid if they even try and mate with her again they could kill her. Is a there a way to make them stop or should I just get rid of them? And should I get rid of all 4 or just the 3 bullies. The timid roo doesn't seem as robust should I choose to breed I wold think I wold want a more " manly" gene pool? Please help! I chose brahmas because they were said to be a more docile breed. How can I help my little hen heal a head wound?
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    I would suggest separating the three aggressive roosters immediately. While gang breeding the hens such large roosters may gash their sides causing far more serious injuries. I would get rid of the smaller rooster and two of the others as soon as is possible. Allow the hens to recover and then reintroduce the least aggressive of the 3 larger roosters back to the flock. If his over aggressive behavior continues - crock pot is a great solution.

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