Roosters in Fayetteville AR

Discussion in 'Animals In Need of Free Re-Homing' started by cherryvandine, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. cherryvandine

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    Aug 12, 2014
    Fayetteville, AR
    I have several nice roosters that need to be rehomed. They hatched July 4th and are all beginning to crow so before the neighbors complain...they need new homes. Raised in organic non gmo feed and free range in the yard during the day. 3 are quite tame and are my daughter's favorites which is why we have kept them so long. I have a black Ameracuana, a black chocolate split English orpington, a splash jersey giant, and a gold laced brahma. The brahma does have a straight comb rather than a pea comb. All are from eggs purchased from Taylor Hobby Farms. If anyone is close to us, please let me know. Thanks!

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