Roosters in need of homes (Polish crosses)


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Jun 27, 2011
I didn't know where else to post this. We are not selling these chickens, they're free. They just need homes. Donations are always appreciated as the Ray of Light Farm is a non-profit rescue farm with about 60 horses and close to 80 small animals.
We have some chickens looking for homes. They are all from this summer, so they're a few months old. I am not sure on the exact age, but they're still fairly young. They are mostly Polish crosses and two Ameraucaunas, I believe. I could be wrong on the Ameraucaunas, I am not a chicken breed expert. :) Maybe someone else will know better?

Editing my original post:
All hens have found a home. We still have 4 roosters left looking for a home.

Here are some pictures of the roosters:

The fourth rooster without the picture looks a lot like the dark guy here on the left, only with less brown, mostly black.

If you are interested, please contact me via PM, or you may call the farm directly: 860-873-1895
The farm is located in East Haddam, Connecticut
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Are they all hens? I'm in New Britain, CT and will take the hens. No roo's as I have too many now.

Semper Fi Farm
New Britain, CT.
I live in upstate , ny -would love to adopt these chickens-hens if not taken. Would beable to come this Saturday.
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I'm not in your state to grab them but I will say, they're beautiful and you took some beautiful photos of them!
PS - Those are Easter Eggers. Technically all of them. The two "Ameraucanas" are Easter Eggers (mutts w/colored eggs) and so are the cool looking Polish crosses (Easter Eggers are, after-all, mutts w/colored eggs)
I believe we have more roosters than hens at the moment. I can make a head count tomorrow when I go to work. We ask for an $8 donation per head, it is only a donation to help keep the farm running.

If you would like to take a ride Saturday and come get the hens, I will check in with the boss first thing tomorrow morning and make sure it's a good day and all hens are good to go. :)
Farm has now found a taker for the hens. The roosters are still left, of course.
I will edit my original post and erase all pictures of hens.

Thank you everyone for your interest so far!

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