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    Sep 12, 2010
    [​IMG] we live in a suburb that doesn't allow for roosters so are looking for a new home for our Kaboodle and his mate Kit - they are 5 months old now and I need to find them a home soon before the Brisbane city council comes along and fines me for keeping a rooster in my backyard. very sad indeed as they are a lovely couple - any ideas? any "takers"...? Thanks Tere
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    Welcome to BYC!

    I would go to the Where Am I, Where are You? Thread and find one for Aussies. Hopefully a fellow BYCer can help you.
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    Jun 9, 2010
    We tried out a rooster, and in order to not annoy the neighbors too much, we put him in a small crate each evening and put the crate in the garage. He still crowed but it wasn't waking anyone up. That might be a good idea until he gets rehomed.

    Love the names, by the way! Very clever.
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    I mistakenly got a Rooster out of one of my supposed pullets, I live where roosters are illegal so I knew I'd have to get rid of him. However, when my neighbors found him out they told me I must keep him. I guess they like the "country feel" [​IMG]
    he's now 6 months old and crowing daily starting around 6am, have had even more neighbors telling me how cool they think he is.
    I think I like my neighborhood [​IMG]

    So you may want to see what those neighbors think, you may be pleasantly surprised
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    Quote:Ditto. Our closest neighbors told us to keep our rooster over 2 years ago. Some things they told us,
    "We like it. Its charming"
    "Its musical."
    "Keep him! Its cute!"
    "Its old fashioned. I look forward to it"
    "Reminds us of our childhood in ********(where they raised chicks for 4H)"
    "Oh but its so sweet! Quit worrying about the noise, its fine!" ...this neighbor gave me a gift of rooster mugs.

    Neighbors come by with coffee, to visit the rooster, trying to get him to crow. But yelling/screaming nearby children make far more noise than our birds. Barking dogs, lawnmowers, leafblowers and traffic are more frequent, too, he really can't compete with suburban noise. One kind lady said, "I hope it will become just another neighborhood noise we will "again" be familiar with, like whining automobile brakes, snowblowers and ambulances that pass by all day in traffic, except the rooster noise is joyful."

    But we're not illegally keeping him; fortunately our city code makes no mention of roosters when it allows "...birds and fish" and " chicks". Our code enforcement officer has met our roo and approved our chickens in 2008. Boy, I sure wish your roo could be as warmly welcomed as ours. Your boy sounds like a nice rooster.
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