roosters in western kentucky we do not ship.


In the Brooder
10 Years
Sep 17, 2009
hopkins county KY western KY
roosters various kinds all run seperately so pure bloods. 5.00 and up. all 2011 summer hatch. all standard size.
one welsummer, 4 french black copper marans, 2 easter egger, 4 blue laced red wyandottes
so you can see why we need to lower the male population. Lord willing this spring we hope to hatch chicks of all of these and also the black australorps, peafowl, heritage turkeys. contact text cell 270 399 0980 8 a.m to 8 p.m. cst only please no solicitation. we also have one 5 mo old tom blue slate for sale he is priced at 35.00
I sooo wish you shipped! How far in Ky are you, from WV that is?

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